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Character Design, motion renders, environment samples and beyond. We’ll create original artwork that’s hotter than oven mitts.

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    Movie Reviews You’ll Actually Care About.

    Kritk is the first application of its kind. An iOS app that's built to keep honest, concise (and often humorous) movie reviews all in one spot. The best part? They're movie reviews that you'll actually care about; Reviews from your friends, Mom and Dad, the cute girl (or guy) you keep flirting with at the Coke Machine - whoever. Bottom line, Kritk isn't a place to read reviews from cocky bloggers.

    Kritk is available right now! Check it out in the app store!

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    The faster tip calculator.

    There are a thousand tip calculators in the App Store, but 99% of them are too confusing or stuffed with unneccesary features. Tipzter makes life easier. Open the app, add your total and - Voila! - your tip amount and total appear like magic.

    We have a brand new update for Tipzter in the works, but in the meantime dont miss out on our recent release! Tipzter is available in the app store right now!

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    Get Food

    Hungry? Get Food.

    Bonfire Tides and CBORD, Inc. are currently in production on a brand new app for college student on the go - Get Food! Get Food makes it easy to find, review and experience great food at the coolest restaurants!

    How does it work? So it's 12AM and you've got a craving for a Meatball sub. Using 'Get' is easy. Open the app, search out your craving and within seconds you can find places in your area that are still open, have the food you want and will deliver. Better yet? Order it all through your phone!

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    How many times have you messed up your alarm clock settings? How annoying are the standard sounds on your phone? Even more important - what will tomorrow bring? Frigid is the one personalized alarm system that cares about your 'today' as much as your 'tomorrow'.

    Our fully customizable interface allows you to create a theme that is 100% you. Set your favorite album or artists as your morning music, and get instant access to the upcoming weather forecast. Set it by your bedside and sleep peacefully.

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    Rasu's Fire Beam

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    Odin's Son

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    Cold Chase

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    Future You

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    SRS is a brilliant online training tool for students looking to study the Bar fast and efficiently, with proven results.

    The spaced repetition system developed by a Suffolk University professor is the first of its kind. Though normal studying programs hold an average of 35% retention rate, SRS promises to deliver up to 90% retention with regular use.

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    Kritk is everyone's favorite way to review movies on the go! This sister site for the app acts as an informative gateway for movie lovers worldwide. It features box office scores, recent reviews, cast/crew info and more. not only shows off the beautiful in-app data for its users, it also keeps visitors informed about trending, worst-reviewed and most popular movies!

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    We love Romo! Romotive is making the world's cutest personal smartphone robot. He is a very unique robot with many expressions, moods and features that will surely capture your heart.

    Bonfire Tides spent Q1 of last year working on their site - complete with a fully dedicated Idea Board, Developer Portal and much, much more!

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    Stone Farm

    Stone Farm creates amazing outdoor living spaces from reclaimed and natural stone.

    Stone Farm came to BT to create a site with gorgeous imagery that really shares what they do in a bold new way. Using our very own 'Smoke Signals CMS' Stone Farm can manage 100% of the site on their own.

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    Galaxy Glass

    Galaxy Glass architects and engineers sophisticated glass structures that will stop you in your tracks.

    With two locations in the US, Galaxy needed a site that allowed them to easily share their work, but also target their online portfolio to specific visitor types. BT created a site that is easy to manage and update with multiple galleries and a custom CMS.

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    NHLAX was a site we designed/developed for the State of NH for a recent energy savings program they were running statewide. The program focused on helping towns and municipalities reduce operating costs through energy savings at their municipal buildings.

    They needed a clean, central, and simple interface for posting the results of the program - so we worked with them to make it happen.

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    Blockz will keep you tipping and turning all day long! How high can you stack the multiple different block types? Each with their own unique personality and agenda - these blocks wont stack easily!

    BT was asked to create multiple different character types, level assets and UI elements for this super crazy iOS game.

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    Monster Walk

    Monster Walk is BT's current game creation! Embark through multiple spooky levels as you experience the story of a loveable little kid with a BIG mission! Try out multiple different weapons and collect valuable gold coins throughout this epic adventure!

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    Bonfire Tides

    A Love for the Craft

    Whether we’re creating immersive online experiences or the latest in apps or mobile gaming – our focus is to move you forward with results that matter. We are a digital studio with a passion for innovation and bold user experiences.

    Who are we?

    Bonfire Tides was founded by Ryan Capers and Craig Henry with one major goal in mind: Create interactive experiences that are thoughtful, engaging and provocative. We have over 20 years of experience in digital production, including web and mobile platforms.

    What we do

    • Web Design
    • UI Design
    • Game Design
    • App Dev.
    • Concept Art
    • Character Design
    • Motion
    • 3D
    Meet the Team

    Craig Henry

    Co-founder // Creative Lead

    Craig is responsible for all things creative at Bonfire Tides. He is a designer, photographer, illustrator and mobile strategist. Over the last 10+ years, Craig has had the honor to work with such companies as Red Bull, Romotive, Starwood Hotels, Motorola, Winterstick, Atomic and more.

    When Craig isn't spending time with the awesome crew at BT, he can be found hanging out with his beautiful wife Katherine, his new son Max, or his 2 crazy dogs - Brody and Nacho. Craig enjoys movies, camping, surfing and Coke Zero.

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    Ryan Capers

    Co-founder // Technical Lead

    Ryan takes a holistic approach to development and focuses on the balance of features, usability, and user experience. He strives to remain firmly tethered to the actual end-users for every project by anticipating their needs and listening closely to their concerns and goals. Ryan is passionate about the future of all things mobile, and is secretly developing the next big app to change the world. In late 2011, Ryan, along with his lifelong friend Craig, formed Bonfire Tides—and have never looked back.

    When not working, Ryan can be found at home in Southern NH along with his wife Tracy and two daughters. Ryan loves being outdoors in nature, be it gardening, surfing, camping, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse :)

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    Derek Lucas

    Does the work

    Derek dabbled with all things computer related at a young age, and went to a small private school for graphic design. Realizing that he enjoyed the whole process of building a product alongside executing the design, he taught himself the ins and outs of programming. When he recognized that his true knack was problem solving and learning all the time Derek set out to conquer the world. He spent a few years in his home town near Philadelphia developing his skills freelancing and working for a small local firm, until he made the big move to New England in the Fall of 2012 with his wife and 2 kids.

    Outside of work Derek enjoys taking on more physical projects like building furniture, board games, and playing make believe with his kids.

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    Stephen Burke


    Stephen Burke joined Bonfire Tides in February 2014 with a degree in Business Marketing. Though his studies took him in the direction of marketing and promotions, his heart has always been on the other side of the screen.

    Stephen works closely with our other developers to create cutting edge mobile and web-based applications.

    When not creating beautiful code for our clients, Steve also uses his marketing mastery in managing/developing social marketing campaigns internally and for clients.

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